September 2017


    Release notes – q3 2017

    We are now approaching the Q3 release of Microbizz, which will be available the morning of September the 4th, 2017.

    Since we have the experience that many of our customers start work as early as possible, we will open our support phone already at 7:00 Monday the 4th. We will be ready to answer any questions you may have about the new release.


    Adjustment of the dot system

    Warnings or “The dot system” is one of the features of Microbizz that many of our customers are happy with. In the “dot system” you can easily get an overview of what’s to be done and keep an eye on teams.


    For those who are not familiar with the dot system, the dots indicates any action yet to be done. For example in the Task Module, if a task has passed the deadline, phone calls are to be performed or hours to be approved, etc. a dot will indicate so.

    A red dot represents a problem, ie. that a deadline has been exceeded.
    A yellow dot represents things that should take place today or in the near future – for example a deadline that is about to be exceeded.
    When the actions referred to as the dots are performed, the dot turns green to indicate that the problem is resolved.

    In this Microbizz release, we have made a number of changes that make this dot system more intuitive to use.
    Firstly, we have made a clearer breakdown of which dots you see – whether there are some that relate to one self or if they are related to another employee.
    In addition, we have also rewritten all accompanying texts, so it is now more clear exactly what is expected in connection with the dot – for example, if you have to close a time registration.
    Finally, we have worked with who is shown given dots, so that team leaders, only is shown dots that are relevant to them.


    Complete overview of the q3 releases

    Documents and forms

    Automatic file name

    When you create/edit a form, you can now choose an automatic file name format, ensuring that the system suggests a relevant file name each time.


    Better image quality by field placement

    When placing fields on a PDF, the image quality of this PDF is now better – especially in situations where the PDF consists of an image – such as an scanning.

    Security Form Completion

    When filling a form via the web system, we are now asking for a confirmation if the user tries to navigate away from this without saving the form.

    Pictures from forms on the extranet

    If you save an image on a task, the image is now displayed on the extranet if the task is also on the extranet. However, this can be adjusted from the form action.


    Color on dropdown add-ons

    We made an error where the color choices did not work in the dropdown.

    Search and/or multi edit

    Previously, one could select whether an additional field should be searchable. This had the bi-effect that it was also included in the multi-editing screen.
    We have now excluded this option, so you can mark a field to be included in multi-editing without it being searchable (or vice versa).

    multi red

    Checkboxes in multi-editing

    The checkbox multifunction interface is fixed so that you can now choose to leave the fields untouched.

    Save for everyone

    When you use the “Save for All” feature to save columns, one will save the grouping of the fields too.

    Individual column selections on the start page

    If you have multiple lists of the same type on a startpage, it is now possible to individually select columns for each of these, rather than save the column selection for all lists.

    Work areas permissions management

    It is now possible to control work areas so that you can control who can choose different areas of work.

    Improvement of the dot system

    The dot system has been improved so that the texts are easier to understand, and that one can now distinguish between own and others.



    Better message part

    The message in the app is now grouped by sender/recipient so that it appears as a conversation.

    Better log

    We’ve updated the log so it’s easier to understand exactly what’s in queue in the app.

    Tasks without companies

    The app now responds if it has been set up that tasks can not be created without a company.



    Loading the product use

    If an incoming EDI invoice line contains a note, it is now imported into Microbizz.



    Blocking of subcontractor

    When you block a CRM object, you will receive an error if you attempt to use this company as a subcontractor.

    Permissions to fill out forms

    We have created a new permission- the permission to fill in a form.


    Filter company unit

    It is now possible to filter companies based on whether they have units that match given filters.

    Item no. under prices

    The item no. has been integrated under the prices tab.





    Previously, this report showed whether a whole day was approved for time registrations. For companies that approve single registrations, this report will now show whether each registration has been approved (and by whom).


    Form Stats

    Form statistics now also work on date fields.



    Suggested planning

    We have made a mistake; that you always got a suggested planning before you could save a planning. This was unhelpful if you knew exactly who you would like to plan to.

    Save task with “foreign” team

    If you edited a task that was associated with a team that you do not normally choose, it was not possible to save this task without selecting a new team. This is now possible.

    Cities on projects

    Cities are now autofilled by postcode on projects.

    Additional fields, projects and sub-tasks

    When using additional fields for sub-tasks for projects, it was not always the desired additional fields that were shown if you chose to display only the fields for selected areas of work.

    Check-in via QR code

    You can now no longer check in on a closed task via a QR code.

    Better name suggestions

    When viewing tasks from a filter on the startpage, the system now suggests a better name for the different boxes.

    Automatic status change at deadlines

    It is now possible to edit a task status so it automatically switches to another status if the tasks deadline is exceeded.



    Do not save positions

    For those customers who use a mobile device to see where employees are in the field, it is now possible to “switch on” that you do not have to save historical positions, but only the current position. This is done by GPS settings.

    gem his. pos

    Note that this applies only to ongoing tracking from a mobile device, and not for example checkins or tracking from dedicated GPS trackers in vehicles.

    Activities on Atrack GPS Devices

    For customers who use Atrack GPS devices, we now also support advanced assemblies so that you can connect the vehicle’s electrical equipment to the GPS and then look at the card where this equipment was enabled. Eg. a sweeper, here you will be able to look at the map where the sweeper was actually used.



    Multi edit calls

    It is now possible to edit many calls simultaneously.

    multi v opkald

    Delete calls from the start page

    It is now possible to delete calls from the start page.

    del. calls



    Filtering planning

    You can now filter if something is planned for a given person.



    Credit Limit

    We have corrected an error that a customer’s credit limit was reset by synchronizing Microbizz, if this parameter was used in e-conomic.

    The creditor/debtor

    We have adjusted the default settings for creating a company so that you can not accidentally save a creditor as a debtor.

    Always send products

    It is now possible to set products to be sent to e-conomic, as they are created and not first when used for the first time on an invoice (as of today). This is done by editing the integration settings.



    Editing time registration

    It is now possible to edit time registrations.

    Approving time registrations

    If a user has a default team, then only one team leader from this team will be asked to approve the user’s timesheet. (If you approve the individual registrations, nothing is changed, ie those responsible for the tasks will still be asked to approve the associated timesheets).



    Always sick-error message

    A follow-up on a day of absence revealed that the employee had been “Sick” regardless of what the absence reason was. This is now corrected.

    Built-in types and custom types

    All registration types in the plan module are now integrated in the same screen for a better user experience.




    Multiple clicks for confirmation

    We’ve corrected an error where the user had to click repeatedly to confirm certain actions.



    Wrongfull repeat on ical

    When using an ical link to share a calendar with a repeated task every week but not on mondays, this still appeared on Mondays.

    Resources not used

    When resources are not used in the calendar, they are hidden from the interface for a better user experience.



    More permissions

    The Equipment module is now equipped with significantly more permissions.

    udstyr retti



    User types

    If you have not created user types, this field will not appear on the user card, for a better overview.



    Notification when tasks is added to pool

    It is now possible to configure an event when a task is added to a pool, such as for exampl you can get a push message when this happens.



    Limitation in list view

    We now limit the number of items that can appear on the invoice list, because some customers saw that the system was slow.



    “Kr. 0,- in sales price”

    It is now possible to indicate that products imported from EDI invoices must always be loaded at a price of 0, – rather than cost + a profit.