March 2019


    Release notes Q1 2019

    With the Q1 2019 release of Microbizz scheduled for the night before Tuesday March 5, we will describe the features being introduced in this version here.


    Release Notes quick guide


    Status and working areas:

    It is now possible to limit the number of statuses you can choose when a task has a specific working area.

    The set-up, as shown in the picture below, therefore only allows you to select the displayed status on tasks with the working area “Maintenance”.

    This function is especially relevant for businesses with different departments, which do not always apply the same working methods or cannot naturally share statuses.



    Automatic approval and invoicing of tasks:

    Some of the features which are users are especially pleased about are:

    • Tasks – Awaiting approval
    • Tasks – Awaiting invoicing

    These menus have been upgraded with a functionality that allows both actions to be performed automatically based on a number of specific criteria.

    Clicking on the new button, as shown in the picture below, opens a new menu where you can set up auto-approval and invoicing.

    The purpose is to allow the system to comply with various rules so that you can decide which tasks do not need to be gone through by a user to move forward in the process but can instead be processed automatically.


    New “service period type” – Fixed dates

    The service feature is used primarily by businesses that use the equipment module.

    This is an extremely easy feature that enables clear, easy processing of the servicing of one’s own or another customer’s equipment.

    The new method for keeping track of service dates is highlighted in the picture.

    With the new method, the date for the next service is always X number of days in the future in relation to the last service originally scheduled.

    For example:

    • Equipment: Crane
    • Service type: Days (fixed dates)
    • Number of days 365
    • Last service date 01.01.2019
    • Service carried out 17.01.2019

    Due to the selection of fixed dates for service, the system will now ask for the next service to be carried out on 01.01.2020.

    Hence the name “Fixed days”.



    New form-action – Update an existing project:

    Form-actions are one of the most used parts aspects of the system. They help support both easy and difficult work tasks for Microbizz users on a daily basis. So it’s natural for us to continue to develop these.

    We now have a new action in the pipeline, called: <Update existing project>.

    As the title suggests, this action will update a pre-existing project.

    The form, and therefore the action, can be completed from either a sub-task or the project itself.


    Release Notes extended



    Main businesses now have an extra drop down menu in the tabs Equipment, Tables, Hours, etc. that make it possible to e.g. display hours and equipment that belong to sub-businesses.


    Blocked/deactivated CRM objects will now no longer be shown in the APP.



    It is now possible to enter certain products as “Favourites” by marking the product with an asterisk. These products will be the starting point for a search in the product catalogue.

    An error has been corrected where rights could be accessed in the SALES module, although this had not been enabled in the solution.



    It is now possible to filter a call-up of specific table responses that have not yet been completed – for example responses that have been “Stored for later”. The function can be found under >Report>Filtres>Form responses.


    In static date fields in tables, the possibility now exists to log that this static value must be moved forward by x number of days.

    When editing table responses that contained images, there was the risk that image information was lost if the images were not updated one more time. This has now been corrected so that information is remembered.



    It is now possible to import inventory lists for equipment and types of equipment.

    It is now possible to have individual inventory lists per equipment where it was previously exclusively attached to the type. If no individual inventory list exists concerning the equipment, the inventory list of the type is used as default.

    When creating equipment there is the possibility to state “Save and new”. Subsequently, an error has been addressed where some fields that otherwise were not visible were saved anyway from a previous creation.

    Under the heading import of equipment, it is now possible to indicate in advance whether this equipment has been decommissioned.

    Previously, if you wanted to decommission equipment that had already been deactivated, the equipment would subsequently be activated. This has now been corrected, and deactivated equipment now remains deactivated when decommissioned.

    It is now possible to search equipment data fields by using a period of time as starting point, and not just a unique date. E.g. when a piece of equipment was created: From date XX-XX-XXXX to XX-XX-XXXX.


    Optimization of speed in Microbizz i tables/lists views

    Since the latest release, there have been some challenges with speed in Microbizz in connection with list and table views.

    We are writing here to inform about some changes we have made that optimise speed in the system.

    Table rows/height & “Autosearch”

    By defining that the fixed table size does not fill up a whole page, we have been able to optimise speed. At the same time we have decided that the function “Autosearch” will return.

    Table rows have been optimised so that we now have the options: 25, 50, 100 and ALL.


    Select All

    At the same time, we have chosen to introduce a new way to select objects in Microbizz.

    There is now no longer a check mark, but a “Selecting Option”. This is of course done in much the same way by selecting “Select All”.

    It is now also possible to select individual objects.

    Hold the Shift key down on your keyboard and pull slowly to select several at one time.

    How many objects have been selected will also now be shown.



    Restriction of IP

    It is now possible to restrict access to Microbizz via IP addresses (ranges)

    Under SET>SETTINGS>Whitelist, the start/end of an IP address may be specified.

    (This is also respected in the APP)




    Minor adjustments have been made with regards to adding files to an invoice so that it is now possible to make changes to the order of the files, as well as add files from the computer, while it will be simpler to get an overview of files that have already been added.

    The system has been limited so that it is no longer possible to assign an EDI invoice to a task that does not match the main grouping.

    When hours are extracted for invoicing from CRM, you can now choose to indicate that these hours are not to be invoiced.

    Changes to invoice lines are now automatically saved if you post and send the invoice or want to see the invoice PDF. If one of these two actions is not performed, the system will warn the user about the lines/changes that have not been saved.

    When invoice lines are exported to the external economy system, the list with these lines will now display all results instead of 25 as standard.

    An error has been corrected where a change in base prices resulted in the changes also being attached to objects that differ from base prices.

    An error has been corrected where HTML code was shown on invoices in Microbizz. This is now converted to text.



    When you edit a task, it is now possible to choose from additional addresses provided these have been attached to the business.

    An error has been corrected where it was possible to close a task with open-status and also have an open task with closed status.



    When checking out with subsequent editing/adding of time registration, there was a risk of reset if a check-out form was replied to simultaneously. This has now been corrected.



    We have added a setting that can determine whether a repeated appointment must 1) be permitted 2) not permitted or 3) be transferred to the next available working day provided the appointment lands on a public holiday. There is both a global setting for this and an individual setting per appointment.

    Scheduled calendar appointments will now also have their title updated if the task is modified.

    If an appointment is pulled which simultaneously constitutes part of a schedule, the changes to the appointment were not reflected onto the schedule. It is now.



    It is now possible on user-defined reports to specify whether you want 0 values to be displayed or left blank.

    All reports in Microbizz are now converted to maintain real field types and not convert to text. This means that in a number of cases data will be 1:1 in Microbizz as well as in case of extraction to e.g. Excel files in relation to what is stated in the system.



    We have rectified the logic behind time registrations that traverse midnight. A global setting has been added that determines whether time registrations that traverse midnight are to be 1) Split up into two parts, 2) Recorded on the first day or 3) Recorded on the second day.


    Integrations (E-conomic)

    It is now possible to determine whether “Your ref” from a CRM object must be synchronised to E-conomic.

    The option is available during setup of the E-conomic integration SET>Other systems>E-conomic.



    This is now a new reminder-action that deals with missing status change on a task within a given amount of time.



    • An error has been corrected which could cause double-scheduling.
    • A slight adjustment has been made in relation to parameters on tables that could sometimes be placed on the wrong response options in a table field.
    • The possibility has been added to scale and move images around before the final image is stored (e.g. with user-images)
    • An error has been corrected in the field type “One-of-many (with index)”, where the translated value using Translation functions was not displayed correctly.
    • An error has been corrected where in case of editing/copying goods consumption on a task, a reset could take place when calling up the item from the existing product catalogue. At times, this led to an unwanted update of prices on the product.
    • An error has been corrected where fees/surcharges were applied to credit notes
    • In case of reminder actions that transmit an SMS, it is now possible to enter an SMS template
    • Team rights have been adapted in the USER module so that the right “Teams” now only covers the creation of new teams, where it previously also dictated whether users could assign other users to teams. The latter is now attached to the right concerning the editing of users.
    • Budget fields concerning tasks/projects can now be added in the layout.
    • It is now possible to add images to a piece of equipment when using layout.
    • In case of a global people search, it is now possible to see what business a person is connected with.
    • An error has been corrected where certain e-mails were not loaded onto the respective objects when using e-mail imports.
    • There is an amendment when exporting “money” fields, which will now always automatically have two decimal places.
    • The addition of goods consumption when using equipment on the APP was possible on closed tasks. This is now no longer possible.
    • The project number can now be inserted as secondary text.
    • It is now possible to have a task filter within an equipment filter.
    • The filtration of EDIs that previously had a tendency to freeze has been optimised.
    • The button ‘Transfer to offer’ on tasks will now not be displayed if the SALES module has not been enabled.
    • Task and EDI filters can now be completed in conjunction with each other.
    • When editing or creating a user, a change has now been made to the selection of a standard team that sometimes resulted in a standard team being set without having been selected.
    • When it is desired to save an object as a PDF, the system will no longer remember the latest entry in the “Send e-mail to” field.
    • An error has been corrected where certain elements became invisible after a dialogue box had been moved and it was desired to fold out the window/box.
    • An error has been corrected where a field was shown during the creation of a repetition of a repeated undefined task that was not to be displayed.
    • An error has been corrected where fees added to invoices were sometimes shown although these were not applied.