March 2018


    Release notes – Q1 2018


    • We have corrected an error that meant that the app did not generally select the standard product line status when you added a product.
    • The method of reading notes has been improved. The note can now be read in full without having to leave the note list. You press on the note to fold it out.
    • You can now scan NFC tags with iOS. Please note however that you need to press on “read NFC” on the front page of the app to activate reading mode and also note that iOS cannot write an NFC tag.
    • It is now possible to save a form for later more than once.
    • It is now possible to set what you would like stamped on the pictures taken in the app, e.g. time and date, geo-position etc.
    • The interface for registering the time when you check out of a task has been considerably improved, especially if you wish to split the time up between several work areas.
    • Read more about the new time registration on the app.


    • It has now been made considerably easier to drag on the appointments.
    • When you mark a meeting as being “here”, it is now possible under settings to indicate which company in the CRM represents “here”. The address of the meeting will then be taken from this company.


    It is now possible to set up a company via its CVR/business registration number – without having an NN Market Data subscription.


    An error has been corrected whereby closed accounts were imported from e-conomic to Microbizz.


    • If an EDI was received with an invalid payment data, it could not be exported onwards to e-conomic.
    • We have corrected an error that meant that when you exported an EDI to e-conomic then, under certain circumstances, you would receive the error message “The VAT account does not exist”.
    • The working procedures regarding approval of EDI have been considerably improved.
    • It is now possible to search for EDIs based on which task has been attached to them.


    If a person writes a note for a task in the extranet, the person responsible for the task will now receive an email regardless of whether they are booked for the task or not.


    A limit of max. 1000 questions per form has now been coded in.


    • We have corrected an error that meant that when entry suggestions showed categories, you could also choose these categories by mistake and be transferred to that field.
    • A number of new features regarding the EU Data Protection Regulation have been made. These are listed in a separate document.
    • Fields where you can add more than one piece of content have now been made easier to work with.
    • Fields where you can add a file will no longer lose files if there is an error in the other forms.
    • When you make new additional fields, you can now also select whether they should be visible for any company types, for example, which are created in the future.
    • Date-limited lists now generally show all data, as long as the amount of data does not exceed 2000 lines.

    General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR

    This is listed in a separate document.


    Approval of hours has been improved generally. This is listed in a separate document.

    New features in this release can be found in “Authorisation of daily worksheets” and “Others’ daily worksheets”.


    It is no longer possible to cancel a posted invoice from Microbizz.


    It is now possible to upload images for people.


    When you start a unit, it will immediately attempt to get as far into the process as possible, i.e. it will check its conditions immediately rather than waiting a couple of minutes.


    We have corrected an error that meant that emails could be delayed by up to 24 hours if you were in a time zone west of Denmark.


    We have improved the speed and memory usage of user-defined reports, so that this function more effectively.


    Additional fields on an offer, which has been made searchable, now also appears on the search screen.


    A new kiosk display has been produced that can automatically show several elements at the same time. It is called “multi-display” and can be selected when you configure your kiosk.


    • When you create a task from the CRM, the delivery address is now transferred to the task’s execution address.
    • We have corrected an error where <html> codes were shown in emails from tasks.
    • We have corrected an error that meant that route planning did not receive the user’s start address, even if you marked it in.
    • It is now possible to edit planning via a “pencil” at the side of planning.
    • When you send a subcontractor an email the subject header will now be formatted in a way that is compatible with email integration, i.e. if the subcontractor replies to the email, then it will automatically be saved under the task.
    • We now save histories for status change, so that you can see how a task has changed status.
    • The interface for selecting equipment for a task has been significantly improved.
    • When you look at the cost of sales list, a total cost price will now also be shown.
    • It is now possible to import repeats on tasks via import filters.


    Policy and rights have now been implemented in the user module in regard to who can edit which users. In general, this will not change the way the system behaves.