June 2019



    Register sales price setting:

    When time is registered in the system, the cost price of the workarea is calculated and saved at the time of creation.

    The sales price has until now been registered at the time of invoicing.

    As seen in the picture, there is now a setting in the <INVOICES/LINE EXTRACTION> menu, that allows that setting to be changed, so that the sales price can be calculated at the time of creation, just like the costprice.

    Registrering af salgspris

    • When using an older integration and invoicing a customer without a customer number, the invoice lines would disappear. They now fail, so that the missing customer number can be added without losing the invoicing lines
    • The setting “separate invoice” which applies for all the tasks that are created, didn’t work properly. It has been fixed
    • Invoicing in general was performing slowly, which was caused by a new function that allows attachments from customers to be added to the invoices. The performance has been reestablished


    • A bug has been fixed that allowed the users to choose a blank workarea when creating a time registration


    • New fields are available in the import filters section, for easier import


    • A permission has been adjusted so that a team leader can add new members to it’s teams without an admin key


    • Fixed a bug that didn’t rename folders when a task title is changed In Microbizz


    Status and task types:

    It’s now possible to choose which status can be used with different types of tasks.

    This is a useful feature for those customers with many statuses, where it can be difficult for the users to choose the right one.

    Status og opgavetyper

    • It’s now possible to add a predefined text to the subcontractor mail
    • It’s now possible to use the “multiedit” function in the tab <SUBTASKS> on a project
    • When multiselecting in the page <TASK/SEARCH>, it’s now possible to choose “Mail to PDF”, which allows a mail containing a PDF from the selected tasks, to be sent to various receivers
    • When searching for tasks, there is a section regarding “Task types”. There are now two more options:
      • Project = Shows only projects
      • Project + U = Shows only projects and their subtasks
    • When planning a route, it’s now possible to split the estimated time between the amount of selected users for the route
    • When planning a route, a specific starting address/city can be added
    • Fixed a problem regarding files on subtasks when creating a project
    • Fixed a problem with automatically changing statuses that caused the system to change status on the tasks during the night
    • The relation between task templates and the fields from the parenting company has been adjusted
    • Fixed a problem with closing forms that weren’t applied to subtasks when being closed in the web system


    Create PDF:

    When using the forms action ”Create PDF”, it’s now possible to choose user fields from the object, and it’s company, as predetermined receivers.

    Opret PDF


    • When a person completes a form (externally or via the extranet), it’s saved in the tab <FORMS> on the persons card


    • The layout of the statistics has been adjusted


    • It’s now possible to give units a number series


    Shared folders:

    It’s now possible to create a folder on a company and choosing that it should be shared. That action result in the folder and containing files being visible on all the tasks that are created on that same company.

    Delte mapper

    List view “Save for all users” and new grouping options:

    This regards the “Columns” menu accessed from a list view through the pencil in the top left corner.

    Using “Save for all users” will now overwrite the settings of all other users regarding the column setup for that specific table view. This allows for easier system management from the superusers.

    New options in the “Group by column” dropdown are available in a list view regarding tasks.

    • When pressing “Save file” from a file list, the same file will be downloaded and not opened in the browser
    • Numbers shown in list views are now aligned to the right


    • When pressing “Save file” from a file list, the same file will be downloaded and not opened in the browser
    • Numbers shown in list views are now aligned to the right


    No pagination in <HOURS/SEARCH>

    Due to some issues with our list views, we have removed the page selection, and instead the system will now remember the list scroll position as it was before the page reloaded.

    Ingen sidenummerering

    • Time registrations made from the app/API are now visible in the <ACTIVITY> tab
    • Performance regarding the search, editing and approval of time registration has been optimized