December 2019


    Release Notes Q4 2019

    The last system update in 2019 including a new message system and an improved note system, which enables you to receive notes and send note replies by mail. The tooltip feature is also upgraded as well as improved.  In addition, we have corrected errors and added new functionality based on the wishes and needs we continuously have received from our customers.


    System changes

    Increased characters in url custom fields

    We have increased the number of characters it is possible to inserted in URL custom fields from 250 -> 4,000.


    Allocation of teams to users

    If enabled the “Teams” permission now covers following:

    • Ability to make other users team leaders of all teams
    • Before you needed an administrator key in order to make others team leaders We have now removed this condition, the team permission is now enough in itself


    Departments on individual invoice lines

    By using the functionality “Cost group on invoices”, it is now possible to differentiate departments per. invoice line.


    Subtraction of hours

    Salary models are now compatible with subtraction of hours.

    This means that for a given amount of registered time for a user, time can either be subtracted or added.

    This supports some salary models.


    Registration: <4 hours

    Subtraction: 0 hours

    With subtraction:

    Registration:> 4 hours

    Subtraction: 1 hour


    Extended log

    • When invoicing, the invoice in the activity log now becomes a clickable link which takes you to the invoice.
    • When importing data, it is now logged the relevant places.
    • Use of API calls is being logged within tasks/companies
    • When products are added from the app, it now also appears in the activity log.


    IP restriction

    When using IP restriction, Microbizz Service Desk loses the ability to provide support. We have solved this by allowing access in the same window in which you set up your IP restriction. You simply click the “Allow support” button.


    New tool tip

    Our tooltip has been upgraded as well as improved.

    Tooltip is our “mouse over” feature which works by hovering over an object, the object then displays a window of information.

    This means that you can obtain an overview of the object without having to open it.

    Our job is to make sure that the tooltip is placed correctly on different screen sizes, as well as to secure the ability to scroll and tap on the information presented.




    Deleting the product catalog before import

    We have expanded product import filters with the option: “Delete all products before import”. This gives you the opportunity to empty your product catalog automatically before loading new products via mail import functions.


    FTP-S support

    Microbizz now supports FTP-S using FTP import.


    Import of teams on persons

    We have expanded person import filters, you now have the opportunity to import the “Team” field on persons.


    Multiple addition of goods

    When using the beta functionality “New Product Addition”, it is now possible to add multiple items at a time.


    Added intervals on invoicing repeated exact times

    For invoicing repeated – repeat exact times, the interval menu is now expanded by the following:

    • Yearly
    • Half-yearly


    Format duration in report extraction

    In the report module’s general settings, an option is added to determine how to format duration when extracting to excel.


    Display of disabled users in reports

    When selecting specific users in reports, deactivated users now appear outlined.


    Form action and products

    We’ve added a new form action that allows you to add products to a quotation.


    Status change at check in/out

    It is now possible to make the system change status at check in / out.

    During the configuration of task statuses in the section “Change status automatically”, you can now find:

    • One or more users check in
    • No users are checked in

    The following logic is used:

    • If multiple users check in on the same task, the status is changed only when the first user checks in.
    • If the configuration is set to change status at check out and there are multiple users checked in, status is changed only when the last user is checked out.


    Check in

    • User 1 checks in = status changes
    • User 2 checks in while user 1 remains checked in = status does not change

    Check out

    • User 1 checks out while user 2 remains checked in = status does not change
    • User 2 checks out as the last one = the status changes




    Additions to invoice now

    On the “Invoice now” screen, it is now possible to close lines you don´t want to invoice – simply click on the “X” next to each line.



    New work plan view

    In the work plan module’s general settings, it is now possible to change work plan view.

    There are now the following options:

    • One day per. row, grouped by week
    • One user per. row, grouped by week
    • One user per. row, grouped by month


    New planning view (normal)

    The planning module’s quick menu of tasks has been replaced by a table view with tasks that appears at the bottom of the planning module.

    The same options as the menu on the right are still there, but the display and usage now happen with a larger table view.

    This means that it will be easier to find tasks to plan and work with.

    The table view allows you to select the columns that best suit you, as well as create your own favorite filters under “Planning / Settings / Filters.

    As you can see on the picture, there is a row with the well-known planning icon that you can use to pull your tasks up to the Gantt chart.

    If a task is highlighted at the Gantt chart, it will be displayed in the red square, and can then be dragged again if desired.



    Displaying types of registration in the planning module (normal)

    In the planning module, it is now possible to view registration types as a possible filtering in the user quick menu.

    This is activated by turning on the “Export plan colors” settings in the planning module.

    Minimizing users in the planning module (normal)

    If a user has several tasks planned at the same time, it is now possible to minimize the row to the max. filling a line.

    It requires the “Allow users to be minimized” option under the planning module’s general settings is enabled.



    Planning route in the planning module

    When you select “Plan route,” the tasks are now displayed in the order in which they are planned.

    If you want to see the suggested route, simply click on “Suggest route”.


    Limit fields in new product addition

    When using the beta functionality: “New product addition”, in the task module settings you can decide which fields should be editable just when adding / editing items


    Product search

    When searching for a particular product in the product catalog, the search is now including both the product name and the barcode.


    Vat value 0

    It is now possible to have a VAT rate set to 0 for some customers and at the same time have a global VAT of 25%.


    Multiple editing service agreements

    In the equipment search, it is now possible to multi-edit the service agreements via the “Change” menu.


    Multi editing last service

    In the equipment search, it is now possible to multi-edit the last service using the “Change” menu.


    New message system

    In the Q3 update, the new message system became available, as a feature you could enable. Some customers have chosen to do this, which has given us some useful feedback to make the feature available to all our customers.

    Messages sent between employees – both office users and app users.

    This feature has existed for a few years, but we have now upgraded its user-friendliness.

    The concept of the message communication is familiar from other systems, which users will be able to recognize in the Microbizz version.

    A. Message menu:


    The first thing you will notice it that there is a new note icon.

    This icon enables access to a list of messages. Also displayed is a counter with a figure corresponding to the number of unread messages.

    This ensures that you will not overlook important messages.

    By clicking on ‘New’ you are able to write a message and direct it towards one or more users.

    A message is received immediately by the recipients.

    B. Ongoing conversations (message threads):


    A discussion between users takes place in a window, as show here in the screenshot.

    The system keeps track of who is included in the conversation and who has read the sent messages, and also enables users to reply.

    This is done simply by writing a reply and clicking on ‘Enter’.
    If you would like to add a line break, this is done by clicking on ‘Shift + Enter’.


    New note system

    Notes are a central part of Microbizz as they allow communication between internal users and external people who need to communicate about objects in the system.

    The modul has therefore been a focus for us in 2019, and with the coming system update it will be the new method used by all our customers.

    The essence of the feature is that a note is always attached to an object. Basically, notes function in the same way as they did before, just with expanded features.


    A. New note:


    When you click on ‘New note’, you will see an updated window with various options.

    As each new note is the start of a thread, it is possible to give it a title.

    Besides selecting a ‘Tag’, if desired, you write the note text itself.

    You will notice here that not only is it possible to give the text more structure by using the text features in the bar at the top, but you can also embed and attach files.

    These additional features are especially relevant because the note itself is subsequently sent as an email to the subscribers who are added to it.


    B. Subscriptions:


    As you can see in the screenshot, it is now possible to determine which recipients the note should have.

    In the current version it is the task’s subscribers who received the note, which meant that making changes in the recipients required an edit to the task itself.

    In the future the note will suggest the task’s subscribers, with the opportunity however to change it directly when creating the note.

    C. Reply:


    When a note is answered, the hierarchy is clearly visible as the reply will be pushed to the side.

    Replies are made either by clicking on the ‘Reply’ icon or by replying to the email that is sent by the system to the subscribers.

    You can see how this email will look below. As can be seen in the top line, you have to click on ‘Reply’ directly from the email program and the response will automatically become a reply to the note, just like the one set up directly in Microbizz.


    Sending externally:

    If a thread is shown on the extranet/sent to external persons, this will be represented by a green line.



    Recipients of the notes can be seen via the two dedicated icons, with a counter corresponding to the number of recipients. Orange icon for internal users and a purple icon for external recipients.


    At the right side of a note you can see a dot that is either purple or grey.

    • Purple = Unread
    • Grey = Read

    You read a note either by clicking on the dot or by interacting with it some other way.

    Show all replies and enlarge the note:

    If there is more than one reply in a thread, there will be a button to fold out the ‘hidden’ replies.

    If a note/reply is long, there will be a similar button to fold it out.



    The new note system removes the option of sending a note as a message. Instead, users are notified via a notification system.

    Each time a note or a reply is written and assuming the active user is also a subscriber on the note, then a new notification will be created.

    This is accessed by clicking on the bell icon at the top of Microbizz.

    Ventu’s plan with the notification system is to centralise the information that a user receives, either from other users or from the system.

    The first version of the notification system will focus on notes only.

    More notifications will be added regularly.


    Bugs & fixes

    Signature on pdf

    We have fixed an error where the signature was not applied to the PDF when using form layout.


    Notes on equipment

    Notes created on a piece of equipment are now also displayed on the equipment’s “place of home” and updated everywhere – regardless of where they are edited.


    Repeated appointments

    We have corrected several errors where Microbizz could not handle individual instances when pulled from a series of repeated appointments.


    Agreements past midnight

    If a planning / appointment exceeds midnight, this is now clearly displayed in the calendar and is easier for the user to see.


    Contact person in project creation

    We fixed an error, where contacts created in connection to a project creation, weren’t associated with the selected company.


    Task planning

    The button connected to task planning and manual editing on an individual task, has now been connected to “Edit product plan” permissions in the planning module.


    Invoice procedures on projects

    If you had opted out one or more invoicing methods, there was an error where it did not reflect on projects. This is now corrected.


    Last service in filters

    We have corrected an error in the equipment filters that caused the “Last Service” condition not to find the relevant results.